I’ve worked in grocery stores, warehouses, mailrooms, retail stores, fast food and pizza delivery.  My greatest income so far was from handling inventory for six dealer owned wireless stores while managing one store.

During my time at the phone store, I had a great job as far as accomplishment and really being able to work with wonderful people.  However, that company got sold to a larger dealer and things were not the same.  I had received an offer to manage a store of the competitors.  Unfortunately, after seven months at that new job, the carrier shut our store down.

Through other financial and personal issues, I’ve now ended up moving back in with my mother and working over night at a hotel in western North Carolina.  While, I’ve always looked at starting a new business, I’m realizing more and more, here in Appalachia where wages are low, the only way to make a sustainable wage is to start your business or freelance.

So here we go on a new journey…


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