A look at SEO

Over the last few days I’ve looked into Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Search Engine Optimization is the art, and an art it truly is, of getting higher on the results pages of major search engines.

The reason it is an art is that no one on the inside will tell anyone how the rankings completely work.  It is a combination of tags and keywords in the HTML code of site, fresh content, popularity, and relevance to search being done.

The HTML codes and tags by far are the most straight forward parts.  Basically, adding tags that help the web crawlers (the digital agents that search the web for the search engines) understand what they are looking at.  Another part of codes and the way the site is built is having a site map to let show the crawlers where they need to go.

As far as fresh content, that’s simple enough blog posts, new articles, and anything to keep the site fresh and updated.  No one wants to read the same thing over and over again.  Even for a store or restaurant it’s easy enough to have updated sales and specials. Even some reviews of products could keep a site fresh.

Finally popularity is really measured by how many other sites link back to a site.  These links could be references to blogs or posts in another blog or site, or simply shares on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.  Now, still it appears that certain sites have a more weighted “vote” when it comes to links than others.  Wikipedia, CNN or another large, well trusted site linking to your webpage is going to give more credence than another small blog.

Relevance is how well your site matches what people are looking for.  It is hopefully unlikely that a food blog will show up on a search for car parts.  With relevance a carefully constructed blog post that still has relevant and useful content can increase your ranking with the search engines.